You can use the input() function to get data input. Use the prompt string you want to display as a parameter for input:

>>> first_name = input("First name? ")
First name? Veit
>>> surname = input("Surname? ")
Surname? Schiele
>>> print(first_name, surname)
Veit Schiele

This is a fairly simple way to get data input. The only catch is that the input comes in as a string. So if you want to use a number, you have to convert it with the int or float function, for example, for calculating the age from the year of birth:

>>> import datetime
>>> currentDateTime =
>>> year = currentDateTime.year
>>> year_birth = input("Year of birth? ")
Year of birth? 1964
>>> age = year - int(year_birth)
>>> print('Age:', age, 'years')
Age: 58 years