• Python interpreter

  • Path to the base directory for your Python packages

    Make sure your bin bindirectory is in the path. Usually this is ~/.local/ for Linux and Mac OS or %APPDATA%\Python. on Windows. You can find more information at site.USER_BASE.

    For bash you can enter the path in your ~/.bash_profile:

    export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH

    and then read the file with:

    $ source ~/.bash_profile

    Make sure the directory where CookieCutter will be installed is in your Path so you can go directly to it. To do this, look for Environment Variables on your computer and add this directory to Path, for example %APPDATA%\Python\Python3x\Scripts. Then you probably have to restart the session in order to be able to use the environment variables.


$ python -m pip install --user cookiecutter